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Best 7 Alternative Apps like TutuApp

Enjoying TutuApp and you want to know about some more applications just like TutuApp so you can benefit from them? You landed on the right page. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the alternatives that are available in the market and can be used in place of TutuApp.

It’s in the human nature that we tend towards change and want to explore different things. It is, therefore, important for us to make sure that you have all the right details about the possible and potential beneficial applications that are out there in the market. Listed below are some of the alternatives of TutuApp, they all have their own special features and each of these applications has its own perks.


Apple device users are the ones who want to gain access to all sorts of applications and games because iOS has a very secure app store. This is where v-share comes along, it is a pirated app store for the iOS environment and the best thing about it is that it is capable of functioning in the iOS environment as well. The developers of this application were able to find a loophole in the security system of the apple devices and made it possible to run this application. All the applications in vshare are available for free, hence you can enjoy all the amazing games without having to pay a single penny.

Black mart alpha

This is also an alternative to TutuApp and it works just as efficiently as TutuApp. This application is for the Android platforms. It provides with a variety of games and applications and all of them are free of cost. The user is not required to pay anything, yet they can enjoy all the games and applications. Also, if a particular app is not working on your phone, Blackmart will have the solution to it, there is no limitation regarding who can download the application and from which region. Everyone is free to download their favorite applications without even signing up.

Get Apk

This is one of the most useful applications out there. It provides the users with all the applications and that too in the Apk format. This is the best one can do when it comes to providing games and applications to the users. The developers of this application have done a great job at it. All the games you ever heard of are available on this platform in Apk format. This makes the process of downloading and installation very easy.


This is also another Apk application and this is faster than the usual applications. It also enables its users to download all the applications that are paid on other platforms but here these applications are free and there is no limitation for signing up. This application is made by the people from the Japanese part of the world and this is why it is fast and people prefer it more in that part of the world.


This application is very useful and it is occupying most of the market and customer base when it comes to providing free applications. It is available for both platforms like Android and iOS. It is preferred by many users all over the world. The basic reason why this application is more famous and is a suitable alternative to TutuApp because it is available for both platforms and all the applications here are provided for free. Mobogenie is also very efficient as it contains in-app cache cleaners it also contains different options for wallpapers. It is very useful application and one should use it if you want to try something new.


This is also another alternative for mobile applications, it runs only on the Android operating system. The interesting thing about this application is the fact that there is no centralized store but instead, there is an option for each user to manage his/her own store. There are several versions of Aptoide like the Aptoide app, Aptoide TV, VR and Aptoide for kids. Aptoide is available all the world in approximately 40 different languages and according to an estimate it has reached almost 100 million users with approximately 700000 different android applications and games.


This is also a Chinese application, it contains different games and applications for free. It is available in English language but the translation is not very good but one can understand it, it has a unique graphical user interface with different built-in features.

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